Monday, 30 December 2013

Dominate the New Year!

Every year for as far back as I can remember I would make the resolution to get fit and slimmer. Every year I would fail until I found myself counting down the new year in 2012 and realising that I had lost my perpetual resolution and I had finally achieved the goal I had so desperately wished for, for far too long (even when I blew out my birthday candles). 

If you find yourself this time of year thinking about your battle with your health and fitness, there are some tips I can give you and many great tools on my previous posts. However, I achieved this goal not because of a resolution but because of a spontaneous choice to change my lifestyle for good. My persistent commitment and nothing else has got me to when I can finally stop resolving to lose weight in the New Year. 

When I meet people and they find out how much weight I lost. They always ask me; what's the secret. I hate this question because we all know the answer; it isn't Jenny Craig, Weight Watches, a juice diet, a raw diet etc...Its balanced living: making small positive changes daily...never quitting or making excuses. 

However much you want a six pack or to fit in a size 8 pair of skinny jeans, please don't make the resolution to lose weight this year. Statistically you will fail. Instead make goals to change small things like; eat a nutritious breakfast every day and stop drinking soda or even just cut out potato chips. Those small changes over a long period of time will give you results. I have noticed that a lot of people will buy their lunches and dinner...why don't you make your resolution to cook or prepare food for yourself at least five out of seven days a week. Not only will this benefit your health but your wallet too!

 I am making my health and wellness resolutions for 2014, and I thought they might be interesting or helpful/inspiring for you. 

1. Eat as clean as possible. Eat food with ingredients you understand and preferably are unprocessed, organic and ultimately local. The farmers markets on the weekend are fabulous for providing fresh produce at really affordable prices. Try the Riccarton House market on a Saturday morning if you live in my city: Christchurch, New Zealand.

2. Participate in social physical activity. I plan to do more duathlons and maybe even push myself to do a triathlon. They aren't too scary, especially the social ones like the PhysioMed Women's Duathlon & Triathlon. Furthermore, I'm thinking of starting a gym class or a dance class. However this goal is heavily dependent on funds :(

3. Do something each day that your future self will thank you for...I love this quote and it reminds you that those little baby steps or small decisions every day will contribute to reaching your goals.

4. Now this one is for my mental well-being: start my career! I am determined to start working as a marketer, using my degree and making all that time and money worth it! Working in retail has taught me so much and given me many helpful skills; however, one more boxing day will kill me :P

How will you kick off your New Year? Hopefully you don’t wake up next to a random, hung-over and disorientated. This year you can start off the New Year how you plan to live it…healthy!

I'm starting with breakfast:
Egg omelette wrapped around sautéed asparagus, ham, mushrooms and a sprinkle of feta. Yum!

I love at the moment:

1.     The Collective Company’s new fresh yoghurt smoothies. I am in love with the ‘Super’ flavour. However I give my seal of approval to the ‘zZoom’ and the ‘Green Machine’.
2.     My new Fro-Frutti from Kmart. It turns frozen fruit into soft serve or sorbet!

3.     Bliss Balls. Packed full of super foods. Nuts, seeds and sweetened naturally = my dream energy packed treat!

Happy New Year!
2014 is yours! xx


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